Reflect and Renew

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring, wherever you might be located.  I don’t know about you, but something about the newness of spring always makes me reflect.  I usually start thinking over goals I have for myself and if I need to change anything or move in a new direction.  My life has actually changed direction a lot in recent weeks due to surgery that I had on my eye.  It has both figuratively and literally changed my outlook on the world!

I had eye surgery on my left eye to correct a type of strabismus that I had since childhood.  Strabismus manifests differently in different people.  It is basically a misalignment of the eye.  My left eye had difficulty looking up or to the right and also working with my right eye to focus on objects like faces, cameras, my own reflection in the mirror, etc.  When I was a child, I would see double at times when I tried to hold my head straight.  Doctors told my parents it was just a lazy eye.  The eye was patched for a brief period of time, but that was all that was done to correct it. My current opthalmologist says that I spent much of my life unaware of the problem because my body found a way to compensate.  I tilted my head slightly to the right in order to help my eyes align.  Throughout the past five years or so, this hasn’t been working anymore and I had a lot of trouble focusing my eyes.  After countless visits to different opthalmologists, I finally found one who told me I had congenital fourth nerve palsy, a type of strabismus in which the fourth nerve or muscle is too tight and can’t move the way that it should.  Long story short, my surgeon was able to weaken that muscle so that my eyes work better in tandem.

I have never felt more appreciative of something we all take for granted – good vision!  In the last couple of weeks, I have had fewer headaches after a long day teaching and reading with my students; I can see off in the distance when walking the pups outside; and driving has been a million times better!  Not only that, when I look at other people or myself in the mirror, I can REALLY see and focus perfectly.  I don’t know how I suffered so long like this, but my eyes feel new and it’s the most amazing feeling.

That said, in the week or two following the surgery, I was weak from the anesthesia and my skin was pretty dull.  I didn’t wear makeup or do my regular skincare routine while I was recovering.  I didn’t want anything to get in the left eye.  I found these really cool single use masks by Nugg Beauty that I tried about week after surgery.   There are masks for every skin concern – antiaging, hydrating, purifying, radiance-boosting.  I also noticed that there is a lip mask (how cool is that!?  Totally on my list to try), and eye masks!  I tried the Charcoal Detox mask  and loved it because it removed any clogged pores or impurities without being harsh or drying.  I felt this nice cooling sensation after I applied it.    I also bought the Deep Hydration Moisture Use Mask, which I plan to try very soon.    The single serve pods are such a creative idea because it keeps the product fresh until you use it and they can be taken with you when you travel.  Perfect for upcoming summer vacation plans.


Hope you like my recommendations for a little DIY facial at home! See below for clickable links to all the products.  What kinds of face masks or products do you all like to use when your skin needs a little pick me up? Comment below and let me know!



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